0xcarbon and Dem Exchange

A Typescript API with associated order generation objects has been created and placed on Climacus' Github profile (link below). We're running our own grid bot on BUSD-USDC trading pair for stability. Carbon blockchain gives incentives to be a market maker. Aside from profit in the small stable pair variances, we're also profiting from being a market maker.

Twitter/Instagram/Social Media API Bots

We've recently wrapped up a Twitter bot build; which can also be found on Climacus' Github profile. It uses a Roberta text machine learning model, a custom linear regression model and a basic json database for marketing. While currently shut down (at time of this writing), we will be periodically using it with a mind to developing a queen with sentinels.

Open Source Development

Check out some of Climacus' work! Vyper smart contract, 0xcarbon bot, Twitter bot, Gann fan calculations and more...Github Profile.


Metamask Login to Site (Free and Decentralized)


Open source software and development. We're currently working on a few different projects.


Take a look at the AI generated art associated with the site! The works are mesmerizing!


Consulting services in data science & engineering, blockchain, ML & AI, APIs and Enterprise Resource Planning.


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