Data Science

The ability to interpret data is fundamental to decision making. Our team can help to provide key insights for informed decisions.

  • Business Needs and Understanding - We can help you ask the right questions!
  • Aggregation Mining, Extraction or Scraping (SQL, NoSQL, json, HTML)
  • Cleaning - Fix Inconsistencies and address missing data
  • Exploration - Visualize data for problem solving and hypothesis
  • Feature Engineering - Select important features and build more meaningful ones from the raw data
  • Predictive Modeling - Using Sklearn, Tensorflow, Pyskark/Pandas build models, analyze output and make predictions
  • Visualization - Communicate findings to stakeholders

Cryptocurrency Trading Bots for Coinbase and 0xcarbon

Individuals that contact us are always interested in our bot services. We're excited to work with everyone! Running your own bot is an extremely rewarding experience.

Grid bots trading on stable pairs (WBTC/BTC, BUSD/USDC, UST/USDC) produce fantastic yield each year without the worries of volatile swings in crypto. And if you choose to operate your bot on 0xcarbon, you can also enjoy the fruits of being a market maker! We are comfortable working with all types of traders interested in the process. We use a sliding scale pricing system based on the bot you'd like to trade and the amount of crypto it'll be trading. We try to make financial stability available to everyone!

Python - Back-End Engineering

Python is our bread and butter. Flask, Pandas, Sklearn, Teras, Numpy and the list goes on! We can bring your back end development for websites, API's or automations to fruition.

  • Flask JWT Authentication
  • SQL/NoSQL database structure and setup
  • Linux Server on GCP Cloud Run
  • CRUD API Setup
  • Web3 Authentication
  • Twitter/Instagram/Social Media Bots for Marketing

Our Technology Stack

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Flask
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Matplotlib
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Spark
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Pandas
  • Vyper
  • Web3.js


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Open source software and development. We're currently working on a few different projects.


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Consulting services in data science & engineering, blockchain, ML & AI, APIs and Enterprise Resource Planning.


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