Data Science and Engineering

We follow the standard processes associated with data science and engineering. Our team will be there during every step in the process.

  • Business Needs and Understanding - We can help you ask the right questions!
  • Aggregation Mining, Extraction or Scraping (SQL, NoSQL, json, HTML)
  • Cleaning - Fix Inconsistencies and address missing data
  • Exploration - Visualize data for problem solving and hypothesis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Visualization - Communicate findings to stakeholders
  • Data Extraction, Manipulation and Analytics (SQL, NoSQL, json)
  • Pandas Dataframe Analysis
  • Automation (Full Cycle)
  • Flask - Django
  • Linear - Polynomial - Logical - Decision Tree Regression
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle/Microsoft Dynamics D365)

Web3 and Blockchain

We're extremely comfortable with blockchain technology. Decentralized web3 transactions are public. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Wallet Monitoring
  • Transaction Tracking/Tracing
  • Chain Insights
  • NFT Utilization/Creation
  • Strategies for Token Generation Event
  • DAO Community Building

Cryptocurrency Trading Bots and Analytics

Coinbase and Dem Exchange (0xcarbon - SWTH) custom designed trading bots! We are fully equipped to build a bot that can implement your trading strategy. Here are some features you can expect:

  • Custom Designed Strategy
  • Asychronous Websocket Connections
  • API CRUD Build for 0xcarbon with Typescript enabled SDK
  • High Frequency
  • Sliding Scale Fee Structure
  • Setup Assistance and Support - Help with Every Step in the Process

Pricing and Contact

For those interested in a basic understanding of pricing, please see below. We're extremely excited to work with you. Please use the contact form for further inquiries.

  • Corporate/Institutional/Organizational requests are more difficult to project in advance. Please expect approximately $95/hr invoicing with projected hours for completion.
  • Personal Trading Bots (Grid) start at $600 (One trading pair and 6 hours of assistance in setup). Please contact us for further information.

We're located in the beautiful, "City of Trees", Boise, Idaho!

Boise, Idaho

Phone: 850-896-8271


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Open source software and development. We're currently working on a few different projects. Projects!


Take a look at the AI generated art associated with the site! The works are mesmerizing!


Consulting services for setting up Coinbase/0xcarbon trading bots, analytics for larger datasets, predictive maching learning algorithms, Flask API's and Enterprise Resource Planning consulting services.


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